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This father daughter duo started cooking together in 2006.  Janiqua grew up watching her father, Mark, cook at a very young age and was determined to be a great cook like him.

MJS represents the two of them and was the start of their cooking career as father & daughter.  They became known for their furious fruit & vegetable presentations and devine catering services but,  most importantly their professionalism.

They both have a love for each other

and put that love into every bite!


Meet The Chef  

Janiqua Stines

I have been cooking since the age of 7 and once I realized this was my passion I decided to perfect my craft by attending Doresey Culinary College.


I Graduated from Dorsey earning my culinary degree and 2nd serve safe certification in 2017.  I also obtained my SERV safe Allergen certification, Hospitality and Management and Food Handlers.


Mark Stines

I have been within the food industry as an Executive Cook for several years.  Along my journey I enjoyed the company of my daughter and teaching her the business and cooking.  

My specialty is BBQ and I have recently launched 

Mark's Famous BBQ Sauce!

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